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sun in an empty room

Anna Lehmann-Brauns

Anna Lehmann-Brauns discovers and invents spaces in which times seems to stand still, spaces ilike islands in a society moving ever faster, forgotten by the functional dynamics of the world outside. Time standing still opens up the pictures to a sensation of both timelessness and irreality.

Miriam Dreysse

What might be the distance from Moscow to planet Mars? Who knows. From Moscow to Swjosdny Godorok, the so called Star City, it takes barely 40 kilometer and since the 1960s each and every cosmonaut somehow got started right there. Until not to long ago entering Star City has been not much easier than going on a mission to Mars. And still, the place is loaded with that strange contrast between down-to-earth circumstances of life in Moscow and the once big plan to enter outer space: Will it be possible to go on that Mars mission.

Anna Lehmann-Brauns illustrates with her photographs these curiously beautiful contrasts next to the science-fiction stories of Konrad Fialkowski and Rafal Kosik in STAR CITY, a book published by fotoTAPETA in 2007.

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