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Abbildung: Copyright HANS-GEORG KOEHLER

Zur Eröffnung zeigt Hans-Georg Koehler eine Performance unter dem Titel " Bildbesteigung Zeus Ego III für Alle"

Die Künstler sind zur Eröffnung anwesend.

We are glad to announce the fifth exhibition for 2008 in the Galerie Andrieu, dedicated to minimal art with recent works from Thomas VINSON and Hans-Georg KOEHLER.

Although his works are already in prestigious collections in Germany, it is the first exhibit of Thomas VINSON in Berlin. The artist was born 1970 in Paris. He lives and works in Gießen. He was shown in Basel and made his last installation in August 2008, Kunstkasten in Winterthur (Switzerland).

The sculptor Thomas VINSON works since 1993 with a minimal expression. First influenced by Mondrian and Calder, he started to study the works of Donald Judd and Barnett Newmann, while he stayed and studied at the Rice University in Houston between 1997 and 2000.

Back to Europe, he found that the relief, as a three dimensional wall piece, symbiosis between painting and sculpture would be the right way of expression. Soon the wall was not enough. Already in Houston, VINSON had the thought that an exhibition should not be conceived as a hanging but as a room installation.

Since 2004, he got the opportunity to realize some installations: in January 2004 in the former machine factory Heyligenstaedt in Gießen, in June 2004, Gästezimmer in Wolhusen (Switzerland) and in August 2005, Kulturbahnhof in Kassel, just to mention some of the most important ones.

An installation built in the “Backwerk”, a separate free space in the gallery, gathers found objects and former sculptures in a scenography so as to present the development of Thomas VINSON artistic thinking.

Beside his paintings where the colours – red, blue, yellow – never get mixed as they form several plans, Thomas VINSON shows some black and white reliefs. His homage to D. Judd is one aspect of the deep interest of VINSON to create or to use new surfaces. His last works on sandpaper or tarmacked paper are remarkable examples that renew the minimal art writing. As sculptor, VINSON is attracted by new materials and therefore new experiments he cannot meet with classical painting, to reach his aesthetic requirements.

Hans-Georg KOEHLER
Born in Berlin in the seventies, Hans-Georg KOEHLER is a multi facets artist. After his studies in the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee (1991-1997), he worked as a stage assistant for decoration with the Deutsch Oper and the Berliner Ensemble (1993-2000). Here is rooted the necessity for KOEHLER to develop his work on several media, here concrete sculptures, colourful wand-objects and video.

Minimal art is only one aspect of KOEHLER’s artistic work although his creative vision circles around concepts. What matters to him is to create images everyone can understand with and by easy means as primary colours and elementary forms. This is what gives his wand- objects as Crossing, red yellow blue, their strength and beauty.

KOEHLER says to be horrified by the dullness of a so-called abstract style. He refuses the systematic. “Abstraction in itself is neither challenging nor topical for him. If he admits to “realism” then merely in the sense of acknowledging form as form and colour as colour.” (Christophe Tannert. 2007).

The choice of concrete as material for KOEHLER’s sculptural works is a tribute to simplicity. All the attention is concentrated on the shapes and volumes created. Colour is absent as, for KOEHLER, its role is not to stress forms but to bring clarity.

Therefore colours are the central part of KOEHLER’s drawings and wand-objects but they are especially the actors of the videos as a demonstration of their power to create fascinating spaces.

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