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Antonio Secci, Lapo Simeoni, Arturo Fuentes, Kelly McCallum, Camille Boissière

Die Ausstellung reicht von Malerei über Objekte bis hin zur Videokunst.
So kontrastreich und individuell sich die Künstler auch präsentieren, gemein ist ihr Interesse an Welten, die sich hinter Oberflächen auftun:

So tauchen in Antonio Seccis "Squarci"-Werken Risse, Zacken und Furchen auf, "Squarci per un possibile spazio" ("Risse für einen möglichen Raum"), die neue Räume offen legen. Im Öffnen von Räumen auf der Leinwand zeigt sich der Einfluss von Lucio Fontana, den er - neben Roberto Crippa, Biennale- und Documenta-Teilnehmer sowie sein späterer Meister und Mentor - während seines Studiums an der Akademie Brera in Mailand kennen lernt.
Stets stehen in seinen mehrdimensionalen Bildern aus Papierschnipseln, Kleber, Nylonfäden und Farbe zwei Farben in Kontrast: Weiß und Blau, Rot und Weiß, Blau und Gelb. "Die Farbe ist nur ein Vorwand", erklärt Secci. "Zwei Gegensätze werden unterschieden: Nacht und Tag, Mann und Frau, Auseinandersetzung und Begegnung, Dialog und Lösung. Mir gefallen Kontraste".

Auch Kelly McCallum, diplomierte Goldschmiedin, Kunsthochschulabsolventin und studierte Tierärztin öffnet Oberflächen: Tieroberflächen. In verstaubte Felle und Federkleider ihrer ausgestopften Tiere, setzt sie fein gearbeitete Maden und Uhrwerke aus hochkarätigem Gold. Sie konfrontiert den Betrachter mit Vergänglichkeit und ewigem Verfall statt ewigem Leben.

Lapo Simeoni projiziert in seiner Serie "Signature" Bilder (vorzugsweise aus der jungen Musik- und Straßenkulturszene) aus dem Internet auf die Leinwand. Statt Oberflächen aufzureissen, verdeckt er diese, indem er sie anschließend übermalt. Resultat sind abstrakte Arbeiten mit figurativen Einschnitten.

Arturo Fuentes und Camille Boissière geben in ihren experimentellen Videoarbeiten fragmentarische Einblicke in neue visuelle Räume jenseits einer sichtbaren, konventionellen Realität.

- Antonio Secci, Squarci per uno spazio possibile 2008, 80 x 60 cm
- Kelly McCallum,o.T., präperierte Wellensittiche, Perlen, Silbertablett
- Lapo Simeoni, GLam 2008, Öl auf LW, 80x80x4 cm
- Arturo Fuentes, Vid 2007, Videokunst

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Arturo Fuentes (born 1979 in Barcelona / Spain)

Graduated in Psychology at the University in Barcelona, Arturo Fuentes also studied Telecommunications Engineering, Cinema and Video Production and Electronic Music. His interest in science is reflected in his works which are a mixture of video creation, video art and experimental video. They are difficult to classify precisely due to their peculiar form of observing and fragmenting observation. Throughout his working life he has received many and varied awards. His work, VID (2007), is/was being exhibited at various headquarters of the “Instituto Cervantes” (Beijing, Milan, Lyon and Casablanca).
Following works are represented in the exhibition: Vid (2007), Null (2006) and K (2005)

Antonio Secci (born 1944 in Dorgali, Sardinia / Italy)

Studying at the “Scuola Belle Arti di Brera” in Mailand, Antonio Secci met Lucio Fontana and Roberto Crippa, his upcoming friend and mentor. Antonio Secci’s participation in the biennale in Menton (F) and in numerous exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland made his art well known at national and international level. Further to this, his work is represented in important private and public collections in Italy and abroad.
Today, Antonio Secci lives in Cala Gonone, Sardinia / Italy.
The steadily growing and in our exhibition represented collection “Scuarci per un possibile spazio” (“rips for a possible space”) is caracterized by tensions, colour-contrasts and volouminous relief structures. Due to the fact that these works seems to be a part of an ensemble, existing in the artist’s head, the viewers are invited to complete the works in their minds.

Kelly McCallum (born 1979 in Toronto / Kanada, lived in the USA for 10 years, currently in London / UK)

Kelly McCallum graduated from the Goldsmithing department at the Royal Collage of Art in Summer 2006. A jeweller’s interest in scale and attention to detail is apparent in both her wearable objects and her sculptural pieces. Her work is influenced by both story-telling and natural history, employing Victorian taxidermy as well as insects, precious metals and other treasures from her personal collection of curiosities.
Kelly McCallum is interested in the stories of how things age, how they decay or are preserved, are forgotten, covered in shrouds of grime, only to be found again and given new meanings by our own sentimentality. Taxidermy seeks to preserve life by celebrating death. His work juxtaposes and celebrates the interplay of the warring factions, preservation and disintegration. They become the characters in melodramatic scenes of mortal stillness and ever-present decay.

Camille Boissière (born 1982 in Montpellier / France)

The visual artist Camille Boissière studied at the College of Fine Arts in Montpellier. To this day she already took part at several group exhibitions in Europe.
Camille Boissière’s artistic video works are a kind of balancing acts between dream and reality.
"My wish is not to show things as they are, but as seen through the filter of the imagination. Like diving into a mirror, and trying to glimpse the invisible object of contemplation." (Citation, Camille Boissière)
She uses the medium video like a photography. She mirrors her recorded scenes, for example a sleeping man, lying on a sea-bank. But instead of recording static moments, she records movements, what you remark not until a second view. Camille Boissière visualizes time and caducity; in this way, her works seems strange in a way.

Lapo Simeoni (born 1979 in Orbetello / Italy)

After graduating from the Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design in London, (UK), Lapo Simeoni opened 2003 the “Art.Lab Contemporary Art Gallery” in Grosseto, (Italy). In 2008 he moved to Murci (Gr), where he realized a "Art.Lab Temporary Residence for Artist".
Today, Lapo Simeoni lives and works in Turin, Grosseto, Beijing and Rome.
In the exhibition are represented works of Lapo Simeoni’s recent series “Industrial” from 2007 and “Signature” from 2008.
“Like a handwritten signature, a signature work describes the work as readily identifying its creator.” Typical for the creator’s recent works “Signature” is that they look like being painted and scratched on metal. But this is a successful illusion: The artist works with nothing but oil on canvas.
He tries to identifie a new kind of vision of abstract painting and figurative incision.
An important aspect of his works is, that he uses different media: In the “Signature” series for example, Simeoni projects images (found in the internet or in his daily life) on canvas and then he paints over it. He prefers topics concerning ”young culture”: music, street culture, urban spaces, new technology ("Nocturama Painting") ... He likes “the strange feeling in the new way of life style”.(Citation Lapo Simeoni).
S&G Arte Contemporanea - aktuell keine Ausst. mehr

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