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A one-week performance art residency with culminating performance, October, 611,
2014 with
culminating event October 11, 7:00 PM

Vienna based artist Michael Fliri, with Berlin based artist Johanna Thompson and San Francisco. USA based artist Justin Hoover present performative reflections on the psychology of Philip K. Dick novels, specifically embodying a schizophrenic male duo and their twin sister. Through conflating Berlin military history, pop culture and iconic cinematic moments into a oneweek embodied performance art workshop, Slipstream weaves these moments together through the use of creative writing tropes found in Philip K. Dick books, specifically finding the humor and expressing the tension inherent in dystopia, cognitive dissonance, collapse/failure, schizophrenia, unreality and simultaneous multidimensional consciousness.

Together Fliri, Hoover and Thompson will develop broadly thematic characters, place them on the body or in the costume and enact these characters first in the gallery and then into public in efforts to live varying histories and personae on top of each other in a new tapestry of cultural identity.

This one-week performance art residency culminates in a participatory performance event on the night only Saturday, October 11 2014 at 7pm where the public is invited to view the work or to intervene according to determined ways. Specifically, this project involves the featured artists living one week of a novel that has not yet been written and exploring Dick’s often recurring themes of schizophrenia through performances and gestural actions to explore concepts of authorship, costume and prosthesis.

This group performance plans to work daily in public space with interventions and investigations culminating in jam sessions in the gallery that are both story sharing sections where the trio will read excerpts from Dick novels and as well open the floor to additions by other individuals including music, poetry and performance and following Dick´s conflation of histories in his novels, varying iconic cinematic places in the city will act as backdrops to performative personae enacting alternative actions in these locations such as embodying contemporary club culture or Iggy Popesque personalities on the location of the Berlin wall´s deconstruction.

Featured artist Justin Hoover commented, “We three artists are very different in practice and background, all utilizing time and the body in our work, but working for different ends, together working toward a new idea of what Dick’s genius continues to offer today and how science fiction has continued to affect how we interpret contemporary art, the self and our relationships to each other.”

Artist Johanna Thompson commented, “This particular constellation is perfect for exploring Philip K. Dick´s recurring theme of identity by emulating his typical character set up: The two male personas that are distinctly different and yet are really one, and the female counterpart, the guiding woman that completes the trinity.”

This is the first time these three have ever come together to work on a collaboration yet each is established in their respective regions.

Michael Fliri was born in South Tyrol in 1978. Performer and video maker, he lives and works between Vienna and Italy. Since 2000 has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions for example: Museion, Bolzano; Centro per l´arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato; Generali Foundation, Vienna; Mart, Rovereto; Reina Sofia, Madrid; Biennale di Mosca; Fondazione Merz Turin; Hangar Bicocca, Milano; Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano. He has been award with prestigious residencies like the Dena Foundation at the Centre des Récollets a Paris, Air-Anwerpen, the ZF award at Friedrichshafen. He has received important commissions like the realization of a video work for the media facade at Museion, Bolzano and a performance at the Centre Pompidou, Parigi.

Hoover (胡智騰) is a Chinese-Russian-American based in the Bay Area, working with time-based art and installation to explore language, cultural relocation and translocation. He has performed, curated, and exhibited at numerous venues around the world including the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Apex Art, New York; the 2011 Art Life Festival in Guangzhou, China; Werkstattkino, München, Germany; the Time-Based Art Festival at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, OR; the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; the Berkeley Art Museum, and many other venues. He is currently Curator of Exhibitions at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and holds bachelor degrees in Peace Studies and French Literature and master degrees in New Genres Fine Arts and Public Administration of International Management.

Thompson is a German-American artist based in Berlin. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MA from the University of London in a SOCRATES program in Media and Communication Studies, focusing on New Media and Fine Arts. She has received several scholarships and grants and her work has been shown internationally, with screenings at the Pacific Film Archive, ATA in San Francisco and Remote Lounge in New York. In 2002 she received the Pinochet Award in the Urban Doghouse Design Competition from Whitebox Gallery, New York. She was a member of the art band Body Phat (with Momoko Motion) and the experimental electrofolk duo Ostenderstrasse (with Lea Nicholson).

This residence and exhibition is set to occur in, founded in 2009 as an independent art space in the up and coming Berlin-Wedding area. Since its launch secondhome projects has hosted 19 exhibitions and art events with about 80 artists in exhibitions called Temp. I to XIX. The exhibitions range from solo and group shows and present contemporary art in several disciplines including painting, installation, video art or textile sculpture. National and international artists show their work in three exhibition spaces at the gallery and in the 5 years, secondhome projects has became one of the most important art spaces in Berlin-Wedding. Since 2012 Miray Seramet has acted as the artistic director and is responsible for curating and organizing the exhibitions.

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