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Jan van Eyck Academie bietet Projektförderung an

von ch (06.02.2008)

Jan van Eyck Academie bietet Projektförderung an

Jan van Eyck Academie
Post-academic Institute for Research and Production
Fine Art, Design, Theory

Call for applications - Deadline: 15 April 2008

Artists, designers and theoreticians are invited to submit research and production proposals to become a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie.

The Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for research and production in the fields of fine art, design and theory. Every year, 48 international researchers realise their individual or collective projects in the artistic and challenging environment that is the Jan van Eyck. The institute is not led by predetermined leitmotivs. Artists, designers and theoreticians can submit independently formulated proposals for research and/or production in the Fine Art, Design and Theory department. The miscellaneous nature of these research projects and productions makes the Jan van Eyck into a multi-disciplinary institute. This also shows in the programme of the institute. Researchers, departments and the institute organise various weekly activities, to which special speakers are invited: lectures, seminars, workshops, screenings, exhibitions,… External interested parties are welcome to attend these activities. The result is a dynamic and critical exchange between the different agents from within and outside of the Jan van Eyck.

Researchers are advised by a team of artists, designers and theoreticians who have won their spurs globally. They receive their own studio and a stipend. Furthermore, researchers can make use of all kinds of facilities which support their projects, from first concept to public presentation: the library, the documentation centre and various workshops (wood and other materials; graphic productions and photography; digital text & image processing and editing; time-based media). They can also get assistance with their print work, the editing and distribution of publications and the publicity of events.

Research candidates can apply for a one-year or two-year research period starting annually on 1 January. It is also possible to apply to do research for a different period and with a different starting date.
More information about the application procedure can be found at


Fine Art
The Fine Art department offers a unique space for experimentation, production, reflection and debate. The researchers in the department conduct high-quality research in an environment that encourages the questioning of the assumptions, forms, meanings and contexts that are tied in with the practice of making art today. We welcome artists, individuals and groups, without stipulating conditions regarding form, content and media.
Advising researchers: Babak Afrassiabi & Nasrin Tabatabai, Orla Barry, Aglaia Konrad, Glen Rubsamen, Hinrich Sachs, Imogen Stidworthy
More information:

Design department
The Design department initiates and supports research projects in the areas of public space, urban research; alternative web practices; cultural and corporate identity; print, books, studio production; design, political engagement and populist politics. Coming from a focus on graphic and communication design, the department is widening its scope to include spatial, product and service design.
Advising researchers: Wim Cuyvers, Daniël van der Velden
More information:

Theory department
The Theory department is an international platform for reflection and research. Its mission is to create the opportunity for outstanding researchers to explore alternative ways of shaping their intellectual horizons by providing a stimulating environment for critical inquiry and intense debate. The Theory department welcomes applications from researchers of unusual promise who pursue their artistic and/or intellectual vision on the interface of critical theory, philosophy, aesthetics and psychoanalysis with the visual arts.
Advising researchers: Katja Diefenbach, Hanneke Grootenboer, Dominiek Hoens
More information:

Jan van Eyck Academie
Academieplein 1
6211 KM Maastricht
t +31 (0)43 350 37 37
f +31 (0)43 350 37 99


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